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Events Calendar

Date Title Place
2012-05-22 NDR hosted by Shenyin Wanguo Shanghai
2012-05-08 CLSA Energy Forum New York, U.S.A
2012-05-07 NDR hosed by Barclays Capital Boston, U.S.A
2012-04-24 CICC Corporate Day Singapore
2012-04-23 Post-Results Non-Deal Roadshow Malaysia
2012-04-17 Macquarie China Power and Energy Tour Beijing
2012-03-26 2011 Annual Results Announcement Analyst Presentation Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
2012-03-26 Post Annual Results Roadshow Hong Kong,Shenzhen,Shanghai
2012-03-08 2012 CICC Corporate Day Shenzhen
2012-02-16 CICC Corporate Day: Water and Gas Shenzhen
2012-02-10 Guotai Junan International Corporate Day Hong Kong
2012-01-19 Antonoil Analyst Conference Call - Strategic Framework and 2012 Strategy Update
2011-12-13 Hong Kong Securities Market Investment Strategy Conference Organized by Guoyuan Securities Shenzhen
2011-12-08 Reverse Roadshow by Investor Tour Organized by Cinda International and Prime Source Capital Beijing
2011-11-29 Antonoil Named Winner of "Directors of the Year Awards 2011 - Boards and Directors" Hong Kong
2011-11-21 UBS Asia Oil, Gas and Chemicals Conference 2011 Hong Kong
2011-11-16 CICC Investor Forum 2012 Beijing
2011-11-09 Investor Group Visit Organized by Macquarie Securities Beijing
2011-11-02 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2011 Investor Conference Beijing
2011-11-01 Reverse Roadshow Organized by BofA Merrill Lynch Beijing
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