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News Releases

Date Title
2017/12/06 Anton Successful Issue of USD300 Million Bond
2017/03/31 Anton Receives Official Pre-Commencement Notice of its Drilling Services Project in Iraq
2017/03/06 Anton announces first well completion in general workover and well completion project in Iraq
2016/12/15 Anton Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with HBP and Geo-Jade
2016/12/01 Antonoil Enters into Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Domestic Commercial Bank
2016/11/10 Anton Enters into Agreement with FLOTEK and Appointed Non-executive Director
2016/10/25 Antonoil Successfully Launched Integrated Coalbed Methane Turnkey Project in Guizhou - e FINAL
2016/10/11 Antonoil Domestic Drilling Projects Fully Launched
2016/01/21 Antonoil Named Preferred Bidder for Oilfield Oil Production Operation and General Maintenance Service Project in South Iraq
2015/12/13 Antonoil to Enter into Annual Contract for Workover Services in Xinjiang Region
2015/07/23 Antonoil Wins General Contract for Oilfield Workover and Completion Service in South Iraq
2015/06/28 Anton Wins Bid for Workover and other Services in Middle Iraq
2015/06/09 Antonoil Wins Bid for Tight Oil Development Services in China
2015/05/20 Antonoil Wins New Technical Services Project in Ethiopia
2015/05/19 Progress of Human Resources Optimization of Antonoil
2015/05/11 Antonoil Wins Bid for Annual Horizontal Well Open Hole Multi-stage Fracturing Services in Erdos
2015/03/25 Antonoil Announces 2014 Annual Results
2014/11/03 Significant Progress and Three-year Strategy Guidelines Announced for Antonoil’s Production Module
2014/07/14 Antonoil Commences Mobilization and Operations at Awarded Drilling Projects in Erdos Basin
2014/07/10 Antonoil Adds a New Central Processing Facility (CPF) Project to Service
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