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Who We Are

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Anton do?

Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd, a national high-tech enterprise, is a private integrated talent oilfield services company in China with leading scale,comprehensivemarket coverage,strong influence on theindustry, andcore competitive personnel advantage. Through the creation, design and use of various techniques, it helpscustomersto carry out exploration and development of oil and gas resources in amore efficient and safer way.

We often hear that oil and gas resources will be exhausted. Why will I enter an aging industry?

This is not an aging industry, driven by technology, oil and gas resources have been expanded, the number of recycling has been increased, and technology continues to pose a exciting challenge.

Is Anton committed to providing equal opportunity?

Staff diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and employees from different countries and backgrounds work together sharing a common goal. As a company, we encourage to provide fair and equal employment opportunities in a global scale for the recruitment of all staff. When we make personnel or working arrangements, we will also consider family factors.

What is Anton’s brand positioning?

Anton relies on China's traditional culture, and our brand positioning is "China's best private oilfield engineering technology partner and the world's best Chinese partner."

Is it possible in Anton to realize career development?

Yes, it is. Anton has 5000 employees and opportunities always exist; whether you want to adhere to technical road, or want to go to other departments or other countries, there are many items available for you to choose from.

Does Anton have a representative lifestyle?

In different areas of work, life will be different. Of course, not everyone has Anton style of life. For some jobs, it requires working for long hours, people need to leave home. If you are a field engineer or expert, you may be often not at home. No matter where you work, you will face some performance pressure.

How to apply for Anton jobs?

Look jobs we provide, find what suits you. Then sign up for an account at the Website, and submit job applications. You will receive an e-mail confirmation, if there is right job, we will contact you.

Can I apply for more than one position?

You can only apply for a job once. Please note that job seekers can only apply for one job. If you have already applied for a job and hope to apply for other jobs, you can log into your account, select to exit application that was originally submitted.

How do I know whether I am eligible to apply for a job?

Please see job requirements given in the selected position.

Does Anton provide a safe working environment?

Of course, Anton has always been committed to providing a healthy and safe environment, in accordance with the highest standards to ensure employees’, customers’ and contractors' health and safety, and protect the environment that we live and work in the communities.

When staff is encountered with problems at work, who can he tell?

According to the plight faced by employees, there are many support channels that can be linked. First, he should contact the manager and (or) staff representative.