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Who We Are

University Relations

80% of Anton personnel are from campus recruitment, since its inception it has invested millions and millions yuan in university cooperation. It is committed to campus employer brand image building, co-sponsoring university activities, to supporting research projects of cooperation institutions thus attracting the best students to understand and join Anton.

In 2014, Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd formulated the "Anton educational charity five-year plan", andit plans to invest one hundred million yuan to support the development of social welfare and educational activities in the next five years, and plans to continue to carry out more in-depth strategic cooperation in major domestic universities and foreign universities, to help students grow and be employed.

"Anton Summer Camp"

Every summer we will select and invite students to participate in an excellent partner institution "Anton Summer Camp", during which students will participate and experience a variety of activities (includingprofessional training, business practices, and team sports, etc.). Anton builds an interactive communication platform for students, and help them learn more about Anton which can help students to enter the job market in the future.