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Who We Are

What we do

Every day, we are helping customers to carry out exploration and development of oil and gas. Through our well site operations and research and design facilities, we are always committed to working to develop products, services and solutions to help customers optimize performance in an environmentally friendly way.
Anton holds "sunshine sales", upholding the concept of good faith and fair dealing, which is essential to achieving and maintaining the trust of our customers for us.
In the past 15 years, Anton has been growing, and nowadays, Anton establishes an integrated products system, including integrated management services, technical services drilling, completion and technical services, downhole operation services, production and technical services, pipe services and ground engineering services. Our products feature is a combination of the reservoir technology and engineering technology, thus solving oil and gas field production, speed, cost and safety and environmental problems for customers.We expect you to join this family and contribute your force. If you have ambition, innovative spirit and work hard, Anton may provide opportunities for your career.