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Antonoil currently has up to 5,000 employees, in the oilfield services company, people are our most valuable asset, "Anton is actually a human resources company," and company's rapid development is due to the rapid development of personnel and training.

In accordance with scientific training principles

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Apprentices Training of Campus Recruitment

As an independent private oilfield service company, to become "China's best private oilfield engineering technology partner and the world's best Chinese partner" is the constant pursuing strategic vision, and to have highly qualified skilled personnel is the core of the company's competitive advantage. To support the company's business with an annual rapid growth rate of 50%, in addition to a small amount of external introduction, fast training a large number of high quality graduates of campus recruitment line with the company's development has become an important driving force of the company's continued development.
China's best private oilfield engineering technology partner and the world's best Chinese partner
The number of apprentices
The number of the company staff

  6 months 2 weeks of job instruction 1 to 2 months of on-the-job learning 1 t o2 months of training school 3 to 6 months of on-the-job learning Development
path of site engineers
before-entry training
Ant team Pre-school Ant college Post-school
Content -oil industry knowledge
-Anton related knowledge
-Anton cultural
-Company culture introduction
-QHSE knowledge
-product department introduction
-occupation preparation
-enterprise culture learning
-participation in the daily work
-infirmation practice
-QHSE practice
-finish assigned task
-professional knowledge learning and practical skills
-ocupation courses
-enterprise cilture cognition
-Application of learned knowledge
-ocupation courses
-enterprise cilture cognition
form Self learning plus instruction
-coursebook learning
-practice opportunities
Classes and activities
-Class lectures
-team activities
-high-level discussion
-millitary training
on-the-job learning
-general training/in-turn post
-instructor guidance
-on-the-job tasks
-assessment one
Classes and activities
-class lectures
-model practice
-team activities
-assessemnt two
on-the-job learning
-general training
-instructor guidance
-on-the-job tasks
-assessment three
      Assessment one Assessment two Assessment three

estimatedCampus graduates are the only source of "trainee". Company "apprentice training program" began in 2007, and its goal is to cultivate employees with a passionate and professional identity of the company culture, competent job requirements and have professional literacy through the "apprentice training period" (according to the different positions, ranging from 6 to 12 months). According to the site engineer trainee, manufacturing and functions, strictly follow the direction of the development of three training paths orientation training.

On the basis of the successful practice of original 2007 campus recruitment and training within the company, the company gradually increased campus recruitment efforts in recent years. In the current employment pressure of social environment, the company in 2012 recruited more than 200 students, more than 600 people in 2013, to 1000 people in 2014, and campus recruitment has started ahead of schedule in 2015, and the goal is still 1,000 people. We can say that "apprentice training program" covering one-third of its population, is related to the company continuing to maintain a rapid growth momentum, and the key learning and development programs to improve competitive advantage.


6 + 8 + 2 (6 months of before-entry training plus 8 month of probationary training plus 2 years of on-the-job training) training period



By 6 + 8 + 2 training, the annual campus recruiting graduates quickly add to Anton various positions, transporting a large number of fresh blood to Anton.