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About Us


   Expanse of sand dunes of Xinjiang Taklamakan desert in China is rich in oil and gas resources. From 1951, oil and gas exploration has been through a long and arduous exploration journey. In 1989, under the strategy guidelines of "stabilizing the east and developing the western" of oil development in the country, a massive oil battle in Tarim Basin was set off. In 1999, Antonoil, grasping the historic opportunity to deepen reform and development of the oil industry, took the first step of hard work in this magical land.
    From 1999 to 2002, Antonoil experienced a difficult start-up phase, at which time the whole company had only a dozen individuals. While just setting foot on the Tarim Basin, and having not enough time to enjoy the harvest, we quickly moved the headquarters to Beijing and opened a new era of national strategy.
    As the situation of the industry changes, Antonoil expanded strategic vision, quickly began team building to create professional managers culture and establish a stable core management team marching towards the organization and scientific group mode. Antonoil sent oil executives and business teams around the country, thus business territory gradually spreading in the country. Anton people could find a space to show its mettle, but they are never complacent, they made sustained hard efforts towards more sophisticated strategy to enter the higher point. Meanwhile, under the guidance of strategic decision of transferring from pipe materials service enterprise to oil and gas technology service enterprise, Antonoil culture began to take form, establishing the corporate mission to create maximum value for customers and putting forward the cultural purposes of "to help others succeed, so that we ourselves can be successful ". Inspiring "Anton words" first emerged in this period and it also became the actions aim of Anton people.
    From 2002 to 2005, Antonoil, with persistent tenacity of spirit philosophy, in the diversified market of the country, it gradually became a leading-edge oilfield services company.
    In 2005, Antonoil reconstructed management system, initially completing the transformation of technology services enterprise and market nationwide distribution. Concept system of Antonoil cultural was also more enriched and improved, the company’s English name "Antonoil" was originally referred to ant on oil, which is what the company has been pursuing--the "ant Spirit"! Hard-working, dedicated, and persistent ant recognizes group within a well-organized, efficient and collaborative team, and the ant always makes tireless efforts. Each year the company selected "Golden Ant" award in recognition of employees who are hardworking, dedicated, neglecting personal gains and outstanding employees. Along with business development, Anton people had more respect for the accumulation of "a ton of oil" spirit, which means that the ultimate goal of our work is through the development of its own technology and the accumulation of per drop of oil, enabling benefit customers and benefit people's livelihood. The company's annual award "one ton of oil" award is aimed in recognition of the company's most outstanding professional and technical personnel.
    Anton ants use their own hands to create Antonoil brand height, and use their own moral to refine the thickness of Antonoil culture! By the end of 2006, one dressed in overalls and wearing helmets ant mascot emerged. In the same year, Antonoil successful cooperated with foreign investors. On December 14, 2007, Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd successfully got listed on the Hong Kong main board, creating a historical precedent for Chinese private oilfield service companies being listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board. Antonoil made a Crystal ant mascot as a present to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange which symbolizes the spirit of enterprise, beckoning Antonoil successful docking with the capital market, which provides a reliable financing guarantee for the company's development.
    From 2005 to 2008, unknown ants of Antonoil already made remarkable achievements in the domestic oilfield services, so they were more confident and more deeply felt the industry mission of Antonoil.
    In August 2008, Antonoil established international oil company, which is a landmark, marking the beginning of the domestic company's business to overseas development and also injecting the genes of globalization into Antonoil culture. Antonoil ants practiced "follow strategy", accompanied by PetroChina, Sinopec, and CNOOC expanding their business in Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Canada, Russia and other places, and it achieved a comprehensive linkage between overseas and domestic markets. Anton ants went out of the country to the world with a more open mind to meet corporate responsibility of the times. In 2008, Antonoil became the leading domestic technology oilfield service company!
    2009 was a memorable year, in the financial turmoil, crude oil prices fell sharply, and oilfield services industry faced the coldest winter ever. In the face of enormous difficulties, Anton ants, in a more pragmatic attitude, threw themselves into their own work. Antonoil was confident to gain a leading position in the industry, and we must establish a reasonable mechanism for talented people. It has established Antonoil scholarships in China University of Petroleum, Southwest Petroleum University and many other oil institutions, holding large-scale recruitment of graduating students for several years to cultivate new force and copy "army ants" so as to inject fresh blood to Antonoil.
    In 2010, Antonoil was eleven years old, and from start-up, it has experienced the sufferings of growing and joy of success, experiencing a very exciting decade. In 2010, after a bleak economic environment, the world was undergoing tremendous change, and a new round of industry consolidation was under way. By this opportunity Antonoil formally proposed "second pioneering" concept, "in the next decade, we will have the world's most advanced technology, the teams of ants will be all over the world, and we will be internationally competitive Chinese companies have model! We will create a leading oilfield service company in the world! "
    There is always a power to make us be emotional, and there is always a passion to let us generously step forward. In 2011, Antonoil initially had integrated oilfield service capabilities, becoming the domestic private oilfield services industry leader and internationally competitive in its oilfield services company. In 2012, Antonoil established a joint venture with and Schlumberger to provide high-quality integrated services for China's oil and gas field development. Meanwhile, Anton comprehensively upgraded the human resources management system, laying a solid human resource base for the second venture's success.
     Rollin once said: "Building a global leading oilfield service company in China, we use ten years, and I think it is achievable. In fact, we are doing something historic, and meaningful. If each of us can struggle with Anton till that time, everyone will get a huge harvest, and we will be proud to participate in the company and participate in this process. "
    Today, Antonoil ants are confident, recalling the ten years of struggle of "Antonoil", this is entrepreneurship history about "Lion"! This is a brave, tenacious, and hard development history! This is the lion spirit of high morale and courage! This is Antonoil spirit that is socially responsible and caring people's livelihood!
    Ant-on-oil! It is the tough struggle of ants that creates a lion-like fearless and sacred cause!