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Drilling Tool Nondestructive Testing Center: established in xinjiang  korla ,2002;
Tubular Product Research Institute: founded in Korla, Xinjiang , 2002.
Cementing & Completion Tool  Testing Center: founded in Beijing,  2007;
Gas Storage Technology Research and Development Center, 
established in Beijing,2009;
Mechanical Design Institute: 
established in Beijing ,2009.

Houston R & D Center: established  in Houston, the United States, 2010.

Shale Gas Technology Development Center: established in Suining, 
Sichuan Antonoil Technology Center: founded in Suining, Sichuan, 2012;
Oilfield Chemical Research Institute: founded in Suining, Sichuan, 2012.

Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd was founded in 1999. As a professional oilfield technical services company with core competitiveness and sustained rapid development, our company has been in obedience to the conception of “technology pioneer” since its inception and will spare no effort to promote the enterprise important long-term strategy of the oilfield services high-tech research. In the present, Antonoil possesses Enterprise Technology Center, Postdoctoral Workstation and other multiple R & D institutions in domestic. Meanwhile, we have international R & D center in Houston, which is dedicated to the drilling technology, underground work technology, production technology and efficient research and development in aspects of drilling tools and pipe manufacturing .The center qualifies for research and development of self-developed products and proprietary technology.
  Looking back the sustaining use of our equipments for 15 years, it demonstrates that Antonoil pays special attention to develop innovative technology and add value for customers. Besides, we have persistently invest money into research and development which helps us to be one of the leading enterprises in the oilfield services companies.
R&D Center:
  Antonoil Engineering Technology Center possesses six centers, three research institutes and one oil technology company, which make our center the hard-core innovative power for the enterprise technology center. Our center is mainly responsible for the drilling, completion, acidification , fracturing oil field and oil extraction related engineering , products, tools, materials design; and conducting the surveys of new products, new technology and market demand; as well as introducing the foreign technology and cooperation , company technical force management and support , technology research and promotion, etc.
  In 2002, Antonoil Drilling Tool Nondestructive Testing Center and Tubular Product Research Institute was established in Korla, Xinjiang province. From then on, Antonoil Group has opened the road to the rapid growth of technology research and development. Following the group headquarters set in Beijing, the Cementing & Completion Tool Testing Center in was found in Beijing in 2007. Then in 2009, the Gas Storage Technology R & D Center as well as the Mechanical Design Institute were also set up there which represent that our group’s research network has been into shape; In 2010, Houston Antonoil R & D Center was formally established, which marked an important step in the building global research network for our group; During 2010-2012, we put our focus on Suining , Sichuan and established successively Shale Gas Technologies R & D Center , Oilfield Chemical Research Institute and Sichuan Antonoil Technology Center which make our scientific research system more solid and fullness. Under the important long-term strategy of “oilfield services high-tech research and development”, Antonoil Group will endeavor to realize the geographical layout of R&D globalization and comprehensive three-dimensional content layout. Moreover, we are committed to exploring the high-tech research and development in long-term.
  We often cooperate with universities and customers around the world. We believes that by doing so we can not only have the knowledge of all cutting-edge research and related disciplines as well as the challenge facing the customers, but also help to promote the concept of "validating the studies through practice" in the early stage of the product development and promotion.
Drilling Tool Nondestructive Testing Center: established in xinjiang korla ,2002;
Tubular Product Research Institute: founded in Korla, Xinjiang , 2002;
Cementing & Completion Tool Testing Center: founded in Beijing, 2007;
Gas Storage Technology Research and Development Center, established in Beijing,2009;
Mechanical Design Institute: established in Beijing ,2009;
Houston R & D Center: established in Houston, the United States, 2010;
Shale Gas Technology Development Center: established in Suining, Sichuan,2010;
Sichuan Antonoil Technology Center: founded in Suining, Sichuan, 2012;
Oilfield Chemical Research Institute: founded in Suining, Sichuan, 2012.