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About Us

Corporate Profile

Anton Oilfield Services Group is a global company in the emerging markets of oil and gas development, a technology company which provides a full range of oil-gas field development products and services, an innovative company featured by stimulation, cost reduction and integration, and a listed company that is committed to achieving win-win development with clients and partners.
Anton has a complete range of products and services covering the whole process of oil-gas field development.
The products and services provided by Anton are accurately positioned on geologic targets and designed to help clients maximize the values of oil and gas resources. Anton provides exquisite geological services in all stages of the whole lifecycle of oil-gas fields. The customized project service provided by Anton in combination with geological and engineering can help clients achieve stimulation, cost reduction, acceleration and other objectives in geological and engineering.
The core competitiveness of Anton’s drilling business is based on advanced technology of horizontal drilling.Anton has capacity of offering a wide selection of drilling turnkey, directional drilling and MWD, drilling fluids, oilfield environmental protection, cementing, rig equipment etc upon requirement by clients. 
Anton is a world-leading provider of completion tools and technical services offering the upper and lower completion tools, down-hole tools, sand control technology, water control technology.
The strongest downhole operation services of Anton can fully meet the clients’ demand for stimulation, including fracturing and acidizing technology service, pressure pumping service, coiled tubing service, ceramic proppant, and chemical technologies.
Anton provides a full range of oil production services, including workover, oilfield operation management, oilfield engineering maintenance, well testing and artificial lift service, etc.
Anton is the leading oilfield testing and repair service provider in China. The services include testing and calibration of equipment, facilities and instruments, machine maintenance of API standard workshops and oilfields, oil tubing and casing completion and gas seal detection, environmental monitoring, and safety assessment.
Anton establishes in-depth cooperation with excellent product and technology companies worldwide, forming a more competitive oil and gas service alliance, which can undertake business of the whole process from oil and gas field surface construction to wellbore engineering technology and reservoir services. Meanwhile, with leading technological superiority, Anton and its alliance will satisfy customer’s needs to the greatest extent possible.
Anton’s integrated services can create greater values for clients. Anton possesses overall design capabilities for oil and gas development and effective on-site organization and implementation skills, and provides integrated services at all levels such as investment in development projects, production capacity construction and oilfield management.
Anton’s oil-gas development technology has always been in the forefront of the industry. Anton has formed a full range of supporting techniques centered on stimulation. Anton possesses powerful oil reservoir institutes of geology and engineering technology centers,;Anton has a senior technical team of experts experienced in whole process of oil and gas development; Anton always adheres to independent innovation, possesses nearly 600 patents, and maintains long-term technical cooperation with the world’s leading oil & gas technology companies and scientific research institutions.
Anton adopts the highest quality standard in petroleum industry, upholds the concept of “QHSE first, then
Anton”, and establishes a comprehensive QHSE management system in accordance with the standards of International Association of Oil and Gas Producer (OGP).
Anton has formed a comprehensive business network in the emerging market of global oil & gas development. With service bases in China, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, South Africa and North America, Anton has built a global service support system that can take quick responses.
The core power of Anton is traditional oriental culture. As an oriental gentleman in commercial field, Anton adheres to the values of benevolence, responsibility, courtesy, wisdom and credibility. The mission of Anton is to help others achieve success, start from the drip, make oil development easier, and make a better life for people.
In 1999, Anton was founded in China.
In 2007, Anton was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
In 2015, the income of international business outside China exceeds 50%.
By virtue of the influence of traditional oriental culture and the advantages of the modern China, through the application of the highest quality standard, global development, integrated services, technological innovation and open cooperation, and maintaining high-speed development continuously, Anton will surely become a world-leading oilfield technology service company.