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Tubing/ Casing Repair and Anti-corrosion

①Casing technology services company has three pipeline repair lines, in which there is a casing repair line, a rod to repair line, tubing repair capacity 600,000 / year, casing repair processing capacity 150,000 tons / year, pumping oil rod repair capacity 100,000 / year, and oil production capacity in the pipe corrosion 500,000 m / year. It has a short processing plant and processing capacity of 50,000 / year; italsohas 11 antiseptic professional and technical personnel.

②Antonis the largest partner of Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, and NOV in fine processing of domestic down-hole instrument thread, and has established cooperation projects with Southwest Petroleum University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, China University of Petroleum, and Xi'an Pipes and other research institutes.

③Anton has wonprocessing authorizationfrom Tianjin Steel, Bao Steel, Hengyang Steel, JFE, Turner, Baker thread, and also has establish a good partnership with them; it is the  joint developer of domestic oil casing repair industry standards.