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Services & Products

①It is China's most powerful drilling tool rental and technical service provider, providing integrated technical services like drilling tool design, manufacturing, sales, leasing, logistics, maintenance and anti-abrasion and other services.

②Have 8 technical experts and over 120 senior technical staff; build the base service capabilities in the Tarim Basin, Erdos Basin, Southwest Oil and Gas Field, Central Asia, the Middle East and South America; reserve more than 80,000 branches of drilling tools rental resources of various types; have 15 sets of CNC lathe of advanced pipe thread, 30 sets of ordinary pipe thread lathe; mobile modular repair systems and welding and anti-abrasion equipment have applied the  national patent.

③Drilling tools resources are available to meet production needs of 180 workover rigs, annual drilling manufacturing capacity is more than 15,000 branches, and annual repair capacity of drilling tools is  more than 200,000. Services are throughout the country's major oil fields and have a leading market position in the Tarim, southwest, and Changqing Oilfields; conduct business in several countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, and South America, and it is the sole private company to provide integrated services of drilling tools in overseas.