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Reservoir and Production Technology Services

①Anton provide “one-stop" and individual technical services such as reservoir monitoring, dynamic analysis, reserves assessment, modeling and -development and adjustment, and can supply professional and technical personnel to make on-site services like geological areas supervision, geological reservoirs and so on.

②Professional technical team: Experts in logging, geological and reservoir areas have a profound the orifical background, with more than 10 years of service experience in large international companies or state-owned ones, Anton has eight international advanced test vehicles and a variety of test equipment.

③Complete multiple reservoir management, asset evaluation and development adjustments and other items for domestic and foreign customers , complete the testing task of thousands of wells for the Tarim, Dagang, Jidong, and Shengli Oilfield , and have more than fifteen years of high pressure and high temperature H2S environment testing experience for more than a thousand times of wells.