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Services & Products

①We manufacture petroleum fracturing ceramic proppant, and have a design capacity of 200,000 tons. The first batch was put into production in March 2014, and the annual production capacity was 80,000 tons. Products applicable pressure range  cover 140MPa, 103MPa, 86MPa, 69MPa, 52MPa, 35MPa. Three product lines : LWP1.6 low-density high-strength ceramic , LWP1.4 ultra-low dense shale gas ceramic , HSP1.8 ultra high strength ceramic .

②We have senior manufacturing management team, ISO9001 certified quality system, optimized production line process, imported production equipment with high starting point to realize ”Global level of quality, Lean Manufacturing".

③Typical examples of product index : LWP1.6, 20/40 mesh, high-strength ceramic low-density, bulk density 1.6,52MPa broken rate <5%, 69MPa broken rate < 9%
LWP1.4, 40/70 mesh, ultra-low- density ceramic shale gas , bulk density 1.45, 69MPa broken rate < 9% .
HSP1.8, 20/40 mesh, ultra high strength ceramic, bulk density 1.85,86MPa broken rate < 5%
HSP1.8, 30/50 mesh, ultra high strength ceramic, bulk density 1.85,103MPa broken rate < 5%