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Downhole Chemical Products and Service

①We have the R & D , production and testing capabilities for full range of chemical products and services. And we provide research and development, production, sales and technical services of chemical materials underground operations, including acidification , fracturing, killing , oil ( water shutoff profile ), etc.

②We have a excellent professional, and have built a workshop equipped with advanced production equipment, a fully equipped fracturing fluid integrated laboratory, an acid synthesis laboratory, enhanced oil recovery labs and so on. Our products gear to the needs of customers from the major oil fields at home and abroad, and we also provide customers with on-site construction services.

③Acidification products currently have been successful applied in more than 500 wells in Sichuan Oil and Gas Fields, Changqing Oilfield , Tarim Oilfield and Iraqi Oasis Oilfield, and Halfaya , with a cumulative increase of more than 5 million tons of oil. Fracturing products have been widely used in Yanchang Oilfield , Southwest Oil and Gas Field , Tarim Oilfield , etc., and have achieved good  results in completion. Water shutoff profile technology has been used in Huabei Oilfield , Iraq Oasis Oilfield, achieving better water reducing and completion results.