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Coiled Tubing

①Anton coiled tubing currently can achievable a variety of underground operations including washed sand, three Takai plugging, TCP perforation, drag fracturing, bridge plug sit putting, cement blocking, bridge plug and ball mill drilling, pipe cutting, salvage, E-coiled , etc.

②With the world's leading coiled tubing equipment, such as HR6100, HR680, and the jurisdiction of nine coiled tubing operations professional team in the country, we have established a service base in Changqing Oilfield , Southwest Oil and Gas Field , Jiaoshi Dam, Iraq and other regions; we are also engaged in coiled tubing bridge plug drilling and grinding, drag fracturing, coiled tubing horizontal well logging and other complex real-time dynamic process, and can can provide customers with personalized solutions for wellbore operations. In 2013, we have finished 100 wells of all-inclusive technical operations services including coiled tubing drag fracturing, drilling and grinding of construction bridge plug, cable operations and so on.

③We have carried out fracture stimulation services in a large area of Iraq and won the praise of customers.