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Services & Products

①Based on oil reservoir studies, we offer individualized sand control, water control "stimulation" engineering solutions, and also a full range of supporting tools and means in screens, gravel packing to implement field operations services.

②We are the largest sand control products provider who owns 3 domestic product service bases and a product assembly base in Canada; we own internationally advanced sand, water control experiment evaluation tools, relating to related mechanism research, evaluation methods , tools, process development, etc. ; we are the initiator of water control technology and gravel packing segments related technology in China and our technology has reached the international advanced level; at same time, we own a on-site technical services team consisting of more than 200 first-class design team members.

③Our business covers all the major oil fields in China, as well as Africa, Central Asia , Middle East, South America, Canada and other countries and regions. Our sand and water control technology and technical services are more than 2000 wells, screens usage has more than 600,000 meters, gravel packing and successful construction equipment services over 800 wells.

Sand/Water Control- Precede

①Sand control stimulation technology services with packer filled with high-pressure as the core.

②Sand control stimulation technology and related products including open-hole horizontal well stimulation at the bottom of the casing and filling, the filling on top of conventional well casing completion. The company currently has more than 150 people occupied in product development, technical service , production and logistic services.

③We achieved an output value of more than 180 million in 2013 and constructed more than 500 wells, and the success rate standed in the forefront of the domestic construction industry.

Sand/Water Control - Andong Bailin

①Anton has set up a special water control oil sand Institute and has invested a large amount of money in research and tackle water control in horizontal wells, which is a  world-class problem. After six years’ research, Anton now built the world 's leading large-scale horizontal well water control laboratory. The laboratory has 300 meters of horizontal wells and water control integrated analog device, established a number of unique experimental equipment at home and abroad , and developed three generations of water control technology ( first generation / second generation / third generation Embry water control technology ).

②The second generation of water-control techniques have been applied to a number of oil fields, including the Northwest Bureau of Sinopec , PetroChina Jidong Oilfield, Tarim Oilfield , Karamay Oilfield, as well as foreign oilfields in Sudan. All applications have achieved remarkable water control effects, significantly prolonging no water cut stage of oil production, and there is a significant reduction in water rising after meeting water. Currently, the newly developed third generation of water control technology is a major breakthrough in the field of horizontal wells in water control technology. It can solve a lot of problems in that complex well conditions can not be applied in the packer segment water control, such as the horizontal wells with a channel in outer casing, those already under sand tube, and those whose tube case is deformed. Both the second and third generation water control technologies can be applied in directional wells, branch wells, vertical wells, and also can be used for heavy oil uniform steam injection , anti-gas reservoir bottom cone.

③Anton oil has applied for more than 30 international patents in important oil-producing countries. It is the first domestic enterprise that owns water control screens products an water technology R & D, design, manufacturing, site construction services.