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Integrated Service of Reservoir Completion Engineering and Stimulation

①Anton is supported by powerful reservoir geological analysis capabilities, excellent oil-test testing, stimulation operations team and design software to provide professional design and stimulation process oil reservoir evaluation services in naturally fractured low permeability gas reservoirs, shale gas and other complex reservoirs.

②With our professional expert team in stimulation process design and first-class construction organization capabilities, internationally advanced equipment,  we can provide technical advice from the reservoir geological analysis, stimulation design, completion tools , the liquid material to the construction site organization of integrated services.

③We have applied  single well daily production of natural gas represented by fiber-diverting volume fracturing services (SRV) for more than 13 times, the daily gas production being more than one million square kilometers. Our reservoir stimulations stimulation operations covers Changqing , Sichuan, north, northeast and other parts of low permeability reservoirs.