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Services & Products

Rig Service

①We provide our customers with servicessuch as drilling total package, drilling day rates, rig management,etc., to help our customers to achieve fast , safe and green one-stop experience in superior drilling.

②We have qualifications for Oil company and the team, professional team (more than 400 formal professional staff) ; together with top quality independent electric drive , seven composite rigs, 10 management rigs; and the country’s leading excellent fast , safe, environmentally friendly drilling construction; as well as high QHSE management system at the international standards.

③We have accumulated a wealth of experience in Changqing Oilfield , Southwest Oil and Gas Field , Yanchang Oilfield and other areas. We hve drilled a well in Changqing Oilfield which set a record in five blocks; we successfully constructed the ultra-reach horizontal wells that extend to 2000m in Sulige gas field; we have achieved consecutive outstanding job performance ratings in Southwest Oil and Gas Field; we have also successfully finished 300 meters long uninterrupted coring operations in Dongying Yanjing.