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Drilling Fluid and Completion Fluid

■ Mainly engage drilling and completion fluid technical and associate service. The belief of our company is that service is foundation, quality is company life and science is developing power. We will supply safety, efficient, economic, and applicable drilling and completion fluid service for every customers.

■ We have four service mode: Integrated turnkey service of Drilling and completion fluid, engineer Technical Service, drilling and completion Chemical Supply and mud plant service.

■ Total 54 stuffs, and 86% is college education, 3 experts and 5 senior engineers, 26 engineers,simultaneously available  20 wells mud service.

■ The advantage of keeping us in leading position is that experienced technical team, perfect quality management system, highly competitive price, advanced research facilities, Technical support from home and abroad research institutions, global  material supply network and professional management team.

■ We have perfect and independent mud system, the water base mud system include AT-KCL/FOAMER, AT-ORGDRILL, AT-PRODRILL, AT-SALTDRILL and the oil base mud system include AT-OBDRILL and AT-ONEDRILL, those high performance system can satisfy any complex region and formation.

■ Our company have completed mud services over 100 wells in domestic oilfield which are Tarim , karamay, YanChang, ChangQing, SiChuan and ShengLi oilfield, and we have successfully completed 45 high temperature high pressure and high density wells in Tarim oilfield by using AT-OBDRILL, the deepest well depth reach 8038m and the highest temperature reach 190℃. We also have drilling and completion fluid technology service and chemical sale in Iraq, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan. We are developing American markets.