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Directional Drilling

①Anton provides engineering and technical services of all types of directional well / horizontal well / lateral well / sidetracking wells with different borehole sizes various well condition; performance drilling with high-speed motor, turbine drilling tools, agitators and fluid hammers from different manufacturers; MWD, LWD, vertical drilling, rotary-steering, geo-steering and other technical services.

②Anton holds 176 field engineers, including 48 technical experts, which makes Anton the largest private directional drilling team in China, with 3 sets of RSS tools (AutoTrak G3), 56 sets of MWD tools(Pressure 25000PSI, Temperature 185 ℃), 18 sets of LWD tools(Pressure 20000PSI, Temperature 150 ℃, including tools from Schlumberger and Baker Hughes). Anton has built several operation bases and maintenance workshop in seven main oil fields in the country, and four operation base overseas, which could cover 40 teams' operation simultaneously worldwide.

③Over 1400 jobs done at home and abroad since 2008, including the deepest well record onshore in China - Keshen-902 (MD 8038M), deepest horizontal well record onshore in China - ZG13-3H (MD 7849M, TVD 6527.43M), ERD well with largest horizontal closure - NP17-1706 (MD 6387M, closure 4940.00M), the first casing / double casing windowing job with 118mm casing ID in Daqing, Karamay and Yumen Oilfield. Successfully completed the first MWD + Gamma HTHP well (bottom hole pressure 20500PSI, working temperature 168 ℃) in Tarim Oilfield, and the first MWD + Gamma HTHP well in northeast Sichuan(bottom hole pressure 22600PSI, working temperature 146 ℃).