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Services & Products

Reservoir Geology Study

①We provide a full range of high quality reservoir geology and engineering geology services; and we also offer comprehensive evaluation services in reservoir geology and engineering, including unconventional reservoirs, inefficient blocks, complex reservoirs and so on.

②We own a expert team consisting of 56 technical personnel in geology, reservoir engineering and other technical experts, most of the experts are from major oil fields and have 15-30 years work experience; we also have first-class equipment modulus , and the stress analysis software.Our technical services featureenjoysadvantages such as multidisciplinary technology integration, technology targeted, and high-efficiency,etc.

③We have completed a total of more than 20 projects including basic geological research reservoirs, unconventional oil and gas projects technical support, and engineering geology services. Our products cover different stages of unconventional oil and gas exploration and development, etc.,  which can effectively reduce the risk of project construction, and  increase oil and gas production.