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EPC Department of Antonoil Group focuses on enhancing Antonoil’s EPC & Mantenance business relying on the Antonoil’s global resource and market. The mainly EPC & Maintenance activity is in Halfaya Oilfield, Buzuergan Oilfield, AHDBU Oilfield, West Qurna Oilfield in Iraq.
■ Capability of EPC Department
(A) Qualifications/Certificates
3.GA, GB & GC pressure pipeline designand installation qualification certificate
4.A1, A2, A3 vessels design certificate

(B) Powerful Human Resources
1.200 Professionals
2.60 Senior engineers
3.20 Technical experts
4.15 Project managers
5.10 certified PMP

(C) Stronger Overseas Support
1.In China, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and South America, Anton EPCC has wholly-owned equipment and bases to meet project needs. The most well-known overseas bases, Iraq Halfaya Base boasts complete equipment and security.
2.Anton has a professional procurement and logistics team to allocate resources of China, based on its powerful international network in Dubai of UAE, Basra of Iraq, Kazakhstan, Columbia, Canada, Sudan etc, Anton EPCC is able to make quick response and allocate resource globally.

■ Scope of EPC Department business:
(A) Petroleum & Natural Gas Project:
1.Well Pad Gathering Pipe and OGM
2.CPF, FPF and Combination Station
3.Long-distance pipeline (oil, water and gas)
4.Tank farms (terminals)

(B) Water Treatment Engineering:
1.Oilfield Sewage.
2.Industrial and Domestic Water.
3.Water, Polymer and Steam Injection.
4.Fire Water System
5.Reservoir, Dam and Auxiliary Facilities

(C) Power Engineering:
1.Power and Emergency Power System
2.Transmission Line and Substation (≤110KV)
3.Digital Oilfield System
4.CCTV and Perimeter Alarm System

(D) Public Works Construction:
1.Industrial and Civil Buildings
2.Roads and Bridges
3.Water Supply, Drainage and HVAC
4.Water Drainage

(E) Oceanographic Project:
1.Harbor Construction
2.Artificial island, Seawall and coastal Project
3.Petrochemical Facilities

(F) Maintenance And Rehabilitation Project
1.Static Assets Integrity Services including Columns, Tanks, Filtration separation devices, Heat exchangers, Furnace equipment, Pressure vessels, Process Pipings, etc.
2.Rotation Equipment Maintenance Services including Pumps, Compressors, etc.
3.Integrity Maintenance Services for Pipelines including Hot-tapping, Rehabilitation of Pipe & Fittings, Thermal Insulation, Coating, Pigging, NDT Services, etc.
4.Oilfield Auxiliary Facilities Services including Instrument Calibration, Civil Work, Structure Steel Works, Decoration, etc.
5.Equipment Spare Parts and Auxiliary Material Supply

(G) Others:
1.Project Management, Project Consultation and Training
2.Project Supervision
3.Import and Export of Equipment and Chemicals
4.Project Labor Dispatching