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About Us

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Business Vision—To be the World's Leading Oilfield Services Company Established in China

  Anton's vision is to become the world's leading oilfield service company established in China. We will have advanced technology, complete product chain and global markets. Our revenues will be more than 10 billion U.S. dollars with more than 50,000 employees and market capitalization over 10 billion U.S. dollars.
  Our goal is to become the world's leading "oilfield services" company. In the oil and gas industry, we locate in oilfield services, rather than in the field of oil companies; within the oilfield services sector, our position is to become a light asset oilfield service company, which is distinct from heavy assets drilling company or equipment manufacturing company. We strive to be a service company with continuing rapid growth in capacity so as to provide customers with value-added services with a higher price-earnings ratio than other types.
  We have been always "based on China." Our talent, raw material procurement, manufacturing, technical support and operational support are all based in China. We believe that China has the system advantages to foster world's leading oilfield technology services companies, including raw material cost advantages, personnel advantages, emerging market advantages and government support, and based on China will be able to achieve high growth. China's system of advantage has nurtured international companies like Huawei and Lenovo, and we believe: China's system benefits must be able to breed the world's leading oilfield services company.
  We will achieve the goal through the four-step strategy. The first step, from 1999 to 2010, we would become China's largest private oilfield service company. After ten years, we have successfully achieved the goal; the second step, from 2011 to 2015, we will become internationally competitive Chinese leading private oilfield service company; the third step, from 2016 to 2020 , we will become China's private oilfield services company with international influence; the fourth step, after 2021, we will become the world's leading oilfield services company.
  In China, there be a world's leading oilfield services company is the dream of all oil Chinese, we believe, a leading global oilfield services company in China will effectively reduce China's dependence on foreign energy exploration and development of technology, which is in line with China's national energy security strategy; and this will also reduce the cost of energy development around the world, promoting the prosperity and development of the world economy! This historic and sacred cause is the constant pursuit of every Anton person! Let us be proud to be an Anton person, to get respect and pride in the community, and to get world's attention for more career achievement!

Help others succeed ......
  Help others succeed, and let oil exploration easier.
  Help others succeed, so that people can live better.
  Help others succeed, and start bit by bit.
  Help others succeed, so that we ourselves can succeed.
  Only by helping others, only by providing satisfactory service to clients, by creating wealth for the community, adding value for shareholders, and helping employees to make harvest, we can ultimately develop and improve ourselves. To help others succeed is our unswerving pursuit.
  To help others succeed and let oil exploration easier. Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd roots in the field of oil services technology, "Let the oil extraction easier", and help the oil and gas industry succeed are our bounden duty. We are research-based, innovative-proud, and always focus on the most cutting-edge oilfield technology services dynamic, leading the industry cutting-edge science and technology with high value-added new products, new technologies and new services, thus creating the world's leading integrated services and realizing cost efficiency of  development aspects of oil and gas exploration so as to create value for oil fields and provide strong support and protection for scientific development of the oil industry.
  Help others succeed, so that people can live better. Helping thousands of families successfully use convenient oil and gas products is our responsibility. Oil and gas is the economic lifeline, today when people’s ecological environment, energy security are increasingly threatened, Anton takes up the social mission of protecting harmonious home and green earth. To meet the increasing human safety and environmental friendly energy demand, Anton, with technology services as a means, helps oil and gas companies to reduce costs and increase production, thereby benefiting the livelihood and creating a healthy, convenient, comfortable and good life for people! Anton, relying on first-class technology and sincere service, continuously expands business territory, and is thankful to shareholders and partners who have held confidence in the long-term development of the enterprise and enthusiastic participation of Anton career to make social benefits. We are constantly armed with knowledge, with cultural influence, to cultivate international, professional talents for the community and lead to the social atmosphere progress.
  To help others succeed and start bit by bit. "Do not think any virtue trivial, and so neglect it; do not think any vice trivial, and so practice it.” Helping others should start from little things, and often think for the sake of others. Between customers and us, employees and leaders, there should be both mutual respect, and words and deeds should reflect respect. For helping, we need to continue to advocate care culture. Only concern, we can know what other people need and know how to help them. We have to care for family members, care colleagues, and be friendly with customers, giving care from the subtle things. We should base on our posts, think for others more and do a little more for others. In work, we should have more understanding and be more considerate. In foreign relations, we should seriously improve the details and create a convenient and comfortable atmosphere. Make in-depth and detailed understanding of customer needs, walk in front of customers, help customers succeed, and help all people and organizations involved in the cause of Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd succeed. 
  Help others succeed, so that we ourselves can succeed.Helping others is the value of our existence, to help others makes us get everyone's help, so that we will be able to achieve success. Anton, in mutual win-win in the community, achieves a successful career of Anton and growth of Anton people. Anton people continue to better ourselves and help each other, we get a sense of accomplishment in the passion of entrepreneurship, and we make the Antonoil be a model of outstanding enterprises, which is widely respected and creates fruitful spiritual achievements.
  Technology is the source of our strength, service is our way of survival, value is our business objectives, based on win-win philosophy, Anton helps more people to build a platform for success!

                                                                   Corporate Ideal
  What is ideal? Ideal is our goal, yearning, and longing for the future. 
  The ideal is the vision and mission. Anton is a company with ideals. We firmly believe that: all those businesses of success are groups with ideals, rather than interest groups! "Heart with ideals will blossom in spring", and "large heart and large cause." Lofty ideals (that is ambition for the cause, honor, even extraordinary wealth) give us a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which is the driving force of our rapid growth, is encouragement that we never slack, is the starting point that we continuously exceed and make constant breakthroughs, and is the most important element for success. When we take the first step of entrepreneurship, our mind should be that of the world. When we put industry leaders who are a thousand times successful than us as our pursuing goals, we will unknowingly exceed those who are ten and hundred times successful than us.
  Anton people have high aims, Anton needs ideal persons. The more lofty one’s ideal is, more rapidly he can grow.
  Anton people are called by ideals so they worked harder to forge ahead, neither seeking comfort and ease, or eating three square meals a day with no work, nor being complacent for the immediate point score. We believe that mediocrity accomplishes no great things, only exceptional people succeed. For vision, we spare no efforts. Anton people fight for ideals. We have determination, perseverance and will not hesitate in the face of difficulties, timid or depressed. We address the issue, go upstream, do not hesitate, do not give up, and persist until I succeed. We put hardship, distress adversity as opportunities to train and increase our abilities, and is the only way to achieve the ideal.

  Ideal is the direction in life and buoy of career. Anton people transfer ideals into action. We know how to be down to earth, that is in our posts doing the extraordinary work perfectly. Lions ambition and ants action, in Anton people’s hearts in the future nothing is impossible! In 2010 Antonoil made a second venture, we agreed - we want to create the world's leading oilfield services company, we all have an agreement, and we work together to struggle for 10 years.


Anton Vision
Anton mission:

Become the world's leading oilfield services company established in China
Help others succeed ......
Value system
Anton cultural kernel:
Ant culture
Anton values: Have honesty and integrity, be propriety lawful, be dedicated spirit, and be thanksgiving
Anton criteria: Have loyalty to the company, be self-discipline, keep confidential, and be subject to the overall
Anton spirit: Dedicate to the team, focus on responsibility, be fearless of obstacles and dedicate honors
Anton style: Have rapid response, careful preparation, in-depth line, and perseverance
Concept system
Anton philosophy:
Rapid talent growth mechanism and leading technology edge
  Four-integrated sun sales system and integrated service delivery model
Anton management philosophy: management by objectives, systematic assessment management, information management, self-management and continuous improvement
Anton development philosophy: Be innovation and inclusive and make long-term base and rapid growth